Anglais 6ème “what do you do in your free time ?”

Anglais 6ème “what do you do in your free time ?”

In my free time, I have two hobbies that I really enjoy. First, I love to read books. I find it so fascinating to dive into different worlds and explore new adventures through the pages of a good book. I often read novels, comics, and even some educational books .

My second hobby is playing football. I have so much fun running around the field, kicking the ball, and scoring goals. I look forward to my football practice every week .These two hobbies, reading and playing football, are the perfect ways for me to make the most of my free time .

What makes these hobbies special is that they bring me so much joy . Reading lets me explore new worlds and gain knowledge, expanding my imagination . football, on the other hand, keeps me active and lets me have a blast with friends on the field. These two hobbies complement each other, providing a perfect balance between mental stimulation and physical activity, making my free time truly special.

I read books whenever I have free time, especially in the evenings and on weekends. As for football, I usually have practice with my team on Saturdays, and sometimes we play with friends at the park on Sundays. My friends and I enjoy playing football together, and it’s a fantastic way to bond and have fun.

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